Can anyone start a crowd-funding initiative to support Dr. Murray's project, the manufacturer of BCG Tokyo 172/Russia, and the doctors/scientists?

Dr. Megan Murray, Director of Harvard Medical School’s Global Health Research Core, is looking to arrest the spread of COVID-19 using BCG, the world’s most widely-used vaccine. But they are starting from fund-raising...
I received a message below from Dr. Murray's project this morning. They have read my previous post.
I am worrying that the pharma companies don't have incentives as the BCG vaccine is an old low-margin vaccine. You may think this worry could be true after reading the message below.
Hello Sato-san,
My name is XXX, and I'm the Program Director at the Abundance Foundation. Since the first week of March, the Abundance Foundation has been doing everything we can to support research on a BCG, a potentially game-changing COVID-19 medication.
We saw your blog post on the subject and are interested in speaking more to see if there's any alignment, and to share ideas and get your advice about how to make this crucial work happen. Our work on this was featured in Newsweek Japan, and you can read the article here if you're interested.
The Abundance Foundation has already committed $500,000 to Dr. Murray’s work. However, this is just a fraction of the funds required for a definitive, randomized controlled trial, involving health care workers in Boston and Peru and nursing home residents in Taiwan. Even though this entire study will cost well below three million dollars — less than 5% of the typical clinical study — we can’t rely on pharma to fund this crucial, time-sensitive, exceedingly cost-effective research.
When the Abundance Foundation supported Dr. Murray’s Ebola and Cholera work, we had an outsized ROI over less nimble funders, because they missed crucial windows due to their bureaucratic hurdles. We believe this work has the potential to quickly change the course of this global pandemic.
We are interested in your ideas about this, and would love to set up a time to connect about it. Do you have any time in the next week to speak, perhaps by Zoom or Skype?
Thank you for all you're doing to spread the word about this important work.
Best, XXX -- Program Director Abundance Foundation ---

Can anyone start a crowd-funding initiative to support Dr. Murray's project, the manufacturer of BCG Tokyo 172 and the one of BCG Russia, and the doctors/scientists? If you are willing and have experience of those initiatives, please help us get started.

(Added on 14 Apr)
Stephen Kahn, M.D., President, Abundance Foundation has issued a letter.

Letter from Dr. Stephen Kahn about urgent COVID-19 research on BCG vaccine



    I am really sorry for the re-post, but this idea may dramatically change the situation, I posted again.

    I think that it is possible to inoculate several times the number with the now-existing vaccine stock. Actually, I'm a clinical doctor of Japan.
    In Japan, we use "Kan-shin-ho" for the injection of BCG. This PDF has an easy-to-understand figure.
    This injection procedure is very effective, sophisticated and low risk. However, with "Kan-shin-ho", 99% of the volume of vaccine liquid will not enter the under-skin space. Because "Kan-shin-ho" will spread the vaccine liquid on skin and push it into the under-skin space with thin needles. You can understand it easily with this PDF.
    As you see, over 99% of the volume of vaccine liquid will not enter the under-skin space, just be spread on the surrounding skin. This amount is wasted. Of course, I understand this procedure is very simple and sophisticated, and I strongly recommend this method under the normal situation.
    However, this is a global very extreme situation. Under this situation, I strongly propose a method using a simple needle like “BIFURCATED NEEDLE”.
    This needle had been used to smallpox vaccination. I think the thickness of the needle should be much thinner than Bifurcated needle for BCG because of the characteristic of making ulcer.
    With this type of needle, doctors can fully use the amount of vaccine liquid. For example, after make the vaccine liquid 0.15ml, an injector will divide the liquid into 0.03ml each for 5 patients. “AFTER” the divide, for one patient, one bifurcated needle will be used to make 18 pricks to the under-skin space. The bifurcated needle will be soaked to the 0.03ml BCG and make a prick to the skin, and again be soaked to the 0.03ml BCG and make a prick to the skin.........
    Again, I want to emphasize that THIS IS AN EMERGENT SITUATION.

    It is inevitable that a very small amount of vaccine liquid will adhere to the upper surface of the needle that does not enter the skin. Such a small amount of vaccine liquid will be inevitably wasted. So, I think 100 times increase is difficult. However, I believe it is definitely possible 5-10 times increase the number of people getting BCG vaccine.

    Of course after the clinical trial(effective strain, such as Tokyo-172, must be chosen), I strongly await that very effective thin-bifurcated needle will be manufactured rapidly, and global BCG vaccination will be started. Japanese thin acupuncture needle can also be used for this method probably.

    1. 私は、現有のワクチン量のストックで、数倍の人数に接種できると思っています。









  2. Nice to hear that they (Abundance Foundation ) reached out to you!

  3. I am a researcher as well as clinical dermatologist from Japan. I have been working to establish percetaneous vaccination using selfdesolving micro needle accompanying impact applicator. From my understanding, BCG vaccine is delivered in freeze dried form and possible to put it into the tips of the micro needle. If someone interested to this technology, please let me know. In short, very small amount of BCG vacccine can be securely delivered in to upper dermis, that we can vaccinate though and times more patients in very short periodic of time. Again, all the procedures and safety are established for human using growth factor already.


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