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Japan may see more deaths among the younger generation from the vaccination than from the natural COVID-19

(This post is based on the information as of 26 Jan 2021. If the information changes, my view will be changed accordingly.) Two in twenties died after the first month of U.S. COVID-19 vaccination. Wait! There are only two deaths in twenties from COVID-19 in Japan in a year.  I was astonished by the number of deaths reported on the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Report as of Jan 15, 2021.* I did not get surprised by the number of deaths in the elderly but by the number of deaths in the younger generation.**  Two deaths among 18-29 years?! * As The U.S. vaccinated around 5 million by the early Jan, 148 deaths come from 5M 1st-dose vaccination. The Vaccine Fatality Rate is around 0.003%. I don't know if this is high or not as a vaccine.   ** I fully understand these adverse events do not necessarily mean a causal relationship. However, how COVID-19 deaths are counted are as same as this adverse event report. So, I think we can compare the number of adverse event deaths and COVID-19 deat